Hello my new friend

Greetings with a succulent, virtual kiss! I am Gia, a Latina enchantress, professional model
and consummate entertainer. My world is filled with sensuous pleasure and a heartfelt
desire to satisfy my suitor on physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

My spirituality is devoted to a philosophy of uncomplicated love and deep understanding of my friends. Karma flows within the universe and will always have its way with us. It empowers our lives with positive energy when we strive to be better persons, inspired by kindness and gentle compassion.

Come to me and release everything. I will inspire and nourish you. I will embrace you with my feminine energy as your being becomes my temple and we discover sublime bliss of truly magnificent proportion! It is my calling to listen to the cravings of your heart and bathe you in pure tranquility. I believe in Karma, and I am always trying to work in my spirituality to grow as a better human being.

With personal coordinates of 5’6”, 130 pounds and 38DD, my body is intensely desirable with sculpted curves complimented by any ensemble whether fun, chic or formal. My aura radiates calmness and openness, granting me the freedom and flexibility to make new friends anywhere. Traveling is second nature to me!

When we are together, the past will be forgotten and the future will not exist. We will connect with a deep vibrancy that will deliver your being to a state of nirvana. It is only then that we will discover the spirit of peace that lies within.

Nurturing humanity and companionship in our lives on this earth…

In all these years I have learned that under any circumstances losing hope is what causes failure. Remember, you can overcome any problem. Be calm, even when the external environment is confusing or complicated. Call me and I will help you get that peace of
mind you need.

Love and kindness in a
genuine way.. and the
brotherhood and
sisterhood between
all of us is the real

Spirit to please...
reflects the genuine desire to give resources, time, and energy to help
make a difference in your day.

GiaMoore.com is dedicated to providing you with the finest and most
professional services possible.
My views, my passion...
If you have health, you have hope,
If you have hope, you have eveything
Do not rely on the opinions of others,
To judge your own morality
Right actions depends on right thinking,
Right thinking depends on knowing what is true
Remember that great love and great achievement
involve great risks
The chief happiness for a man is to be what he is.
Only once you know yourself you can presume to
know another...
Enlightment in its essence is the art of seeing into
the nature of one's own being.

Like every Sexy Columbian, I strive for perfection,
so I think Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.

Life is a journey, travel it well and live each day as if it was your last..